EPISODE 9: The Haunting of Pitch House

This episode is all about the genre we love to scream at. Dave B. and Casey talk about how horror films have shaped their lives. And they tackle the biggest question of them all: Fast zombies or slow zombies? They also pitch two films that fit into two different subgenres of horror, but are both somehow connected to BLACK CHRISTMAS (2019).

Links to check out:

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Very Important Question: Is ‘Alien’ A Horror Movie?, Medium
12 Surprising Facts About Black Christmas, Mental Floss
Switchblade Sisters podcast

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  • Sorry this is almost the last of your Season 1. I was glad the “horror” was what it was because there was no worst horror for me than the terrifying slasher Hitchcock movie where the young woman is brutally killed while she is taking a shower. It haunts me to this day. I will never be the same.

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